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Tammy Goes to Houston: Part 2

June 7, 2016

I had considered coming home Saturday but Nell seemed to want my help for the Sunday event (which was still unclear to me) at South Main Baptist Church. Butch was out of the house early for a preaching engagement.  We loaded the car with a big box and several hanging garments for a fashion “show” at the church.


Nell has enough international clothing to dress 20-30 models and does Global Runway Shows where she tells the plight of the women in the various countries represented.  This event turned into a processional for the celebration of the church’s 50th anniversary of their international ministry.  So Nell modified her normal routine and had an amazing impact on the younger youth she was given as models.  I’m so glad I stayed for this event.  I saw more of Nell’s gifting and got to watch as eight teenaged girls learn about the hardships and joys of women from around the world.  They came in excited about playing dress up and left transformed by the stories they heard.

Nell encouraged them to think of the individual women they would be representing as they wore the clothing of their particular country.  She dressed each girl individually and told a story while the other girls listened.  They started out a little restless but soon got caught up in the personal tales. By the time the last girl was dressed they were all-in.  Outside for pictures they asked if she would pose them the way the women would stand.  They didn’t want to misrepresent.  It was a sweet time.  And they were proud as they walked down the aisle of the church.  By the time they were changing they were asking for more.  Maybe South Main will end up with a Global Runway event after all.  I hope so and I hope these eight girls get to participate.


We had lunch at Chuy’s and we were hungry!  A friend of Nell’s had joined us at church and met us at the restaurant.  She got involved on a human trafficking project as part of her job but in the process began to get interested in Jesus.  She called Nell one night and said she wanted to become a Christian.  She admitted to Nell that the trafficking work had been very emotional and draining for her.  She would like to get involved with the ministry again but probably not with that project.  After our next stop I understood more of what she meant.


Nell asked if I had time for one more stop before heading home.

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