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Building Relationships

June 9, 2016

A few weeks ago I joined my friends from South Main Baptist Church to go deliver food baskets to refugees. Butch and Nell Green, CBF Field Personnel in partnership with Interfaith Ministries, led the endeavor. It was pivotal moment for me as I met and began to get to know a refugee family from Iraq. 


On Monday, Memorial Day, I was visiting with them and they asked me about the Bible.  They showed me a copy of the Bible that they had which was in Arabic and English.  I pointed out (and they marked with a torn paper napkin) 3 of my favorite passages.  They said that they currently drive 30 minutes to go to church on Sunday mornings.  They asked me about my church and I shared about South Main with them. I plan to invite them to join us on Sunday at our church.


The two young men in the family (15 or so and 19 or so) both work very hard.  The older one is working two full time jobs but would love to go to school to get his high school diploma.  The high school age young man loves math but his math teacher who taught the ESL math class spoke mostly in Spanish so he did not do well and has to repeat the course.  He will have to take summer school.


The needs of this family and their warm welcome press upon my heart and mind. I was at a Houston Public Library event yesterday and was talking about this family and librarian told me about the resources they have to learn English.  She volunteered to have someone from Houston Public Library to come at the beginning of our next Missions Day at South Main to share these resources with our volunteers.


Thanks so much Butch and Nell for opening the door to develop a relationship with this family.



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