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Immeasurable Blessings

September 30, 2013

Our week in Antwerp, Belgium, was an amazing week of learning, of serving, of praying, and of seeing how the hand of God had moved and was moving in the lives of people from several different countries. One of the things that was most striking/stunning to me was the Arab believers’ fearless, persistent search for God and His Truth, even in the face of stern disapproval and persecution!! As they searched, the Lord led them to believers who could answer their questions or appeared to them Himself, calling for them to believe and follow Him. When they believed, they entered into relationship with Jesus, over against adopting a different religion with a new set of rules. This in stark contrast to many people in American churches who come to church as part of their “to do” list, and try to fit God into their life-plan rather than worshipping Him as the Almighty and yielding their lives to Him.

Our team was humbled as we listened to their stories, realizing what a privilege it was to be there and hear what God was doing, even through pain and suffering. He led us as we prayed over our sisters and brothers, crying out for His protection, for His provision, His blessings, and His clear guidance every day.


I thank the Father for every minute we were blessed to be in Antwerp, even our weary feet from walking, weary backs from carrying children during the conference, and trying to get comfortable in hot, stuffy rooms at night . . . was it worth it?? Absolutely!!! I’d go again tomorrow!! If the Lord nudges you to follow Him somewhere – go!! The blessings are immeasurable!


Check out this video of Deb and Ruth sharing about their experience in Antwerp! 

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