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What You Are Meant To Do

December 31, 2012

Read Jeremiah 29:11-14.


A line in the movie The Rookie goes like this, "It is OK to think about what you want to do, until it is time to think about what you are meant to do."  Actually, this about sums it up, but I will expound upon it anyway.

 My husband, Butch, gives his testimony and shares how he wanted to be an architect and make a lot of money.  His father was a brick contractor and as my husband puts it, he wanted to be one of the men in the fancy suits with expensive cars who came and told his father what needed to be done.  Yes, well, needless to say, that didn't happen.  Butch went on to get his education in social work and has served as a career missionary for many years.


More than once over these past years we have examined our call.  On each occasion, we simply cannot imagine ourselves doing anything else.  Good times and bad, we love it.  It is what we were meant to do.


As our oldest prepared to go off to college, she struggled through all of the “What should I study?” issues.  We had many talks about God's will, God's direction, and God's call.  Ultimately these were things that only she could determine.  Meanwhile we assured her that God's plans are GOOD.  They are FULFILLING.  Once she asked how could she know for sure she was in the right place for her.  My response was simple, "When you get up in the morning knowing that you want to go do the job ahead of you, when you don't watch the clock throughout the day wondering when it will be over, and you go to bed at night without dreading the next day.  You can be fairly certain you are doing what you are meant to do."


"It is OK to think about what you want to do, until it is time to think about what you are meant to do."  God has a purpose.  And the very best place in life to be is in the center of his desire for you.


Question:  Are you thinking about what you want to do or are you thinking about what you are meant to do?

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