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The Immediacy of Call

November 12, 2012

Read Matthew 4:18-22.


Many are struck by the bizarre nature of Jesus’ demand in this passage.  Even more perplexing is the disciples’ response.  In order to explain  it various theologians have suggested that there was already an ongoing relationship between Jesus and the disciples when the call came. So what?

 Knowing Jesus over a period of time does not change the description and the immediacy of the call.  I can just hear the disciples:  “Drop the nets now?  They are in the water!”  “Hold on just a second would you? I’m right in the middle of a task.  It won’t take but a minute.”  “I’m coming, but where are we going?” “Huh?  Fishers of what? Why do we want men?  What are we going to do with them when we get them?” “We’re coming, but what about Dad?  We can’t just leave all of this for him to do.”

Really, the nature of this call to follow is not so bizarre.  Jesus calls, you say, “Yes.”  That’s it.  There is no waiting to finish the task at hand. There is no questioning to be sure you want or need to go where he is leading or that you understand what he wants you to do.  There is no wrapping up of affairs. If he permits these little benefits great, but he doesn’t have to. And not having these little benefits cannot inhibit our “at once” “immediate” response.


You are very busy.  Jesus says, “Follow me.”  You say……….


What has inhibited an immediate positive response to Jesus’ demand to follow in your life?

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