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Sink or Swim

May 7, 2011

Read Matthew 14:22-33 and Psalm 121:1-2.


I like Peter. He is so very normal, and yet so very spiritual. It is true that Jesus says, “O, you of little faith. Why did you doubt?” But I don’t see this as a put down. To me Jesus is implying, “O, Peter, you could have come so much closer.” Let’s take a look at what Peter did right.


First, when Peter heard Jesus’ voice, he at least responded. I guess the others were standing there with their mouths open. Because Peter responded Jesus was able to give Him a command that would stretch Peter’s faith and enable him to know the Lord in a way the others did not. None of them walked on water.

 Second, Peter then took the first step and got out of the boat. That’s the hardest thing about taking steps of faith. You have to actually put your foot out. It is not enough to simply contemplate the action.


Then Peter looked at the wind, not Jesus and became afraid. Okay, I admit that was a mistake. But what does he immediately do? He acknowledges Jesus as Lord and looks to Him for help. He doesn’t try to start swimming. He doesn’t turn to the other men in the boat. He isn’t hollering for a life jacket. He knows where his help comes from (see Psalm 121:1&2). How many of us in our moments when our focus is misdirected and we become afraid are sure enough of the Lord to call upon Him immediately?


Because Peter exercised his faith, though weak it may have been, Jesus was revealed to all of the disciples and they were all blessed. In fact, they all were able to worship Him acknowledging Him as the Son of God.


I like Peter.


Question: What did you hear Him command? Will you “get out of the boat”? If you are out of the boat, where is your focus and on whom are calling for help?

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