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Politically Correct

April 26, 2011

Read Acts 4:12.


Growing up I really don’t remember hearing the phrase “politically correct”. Perhaps it is because during that time of rampant racism in the South, we weren’t too concerned with it. I am personally saddened that it took us so long to realize the injustice that was done (and is still to a certain degree) to persons of other races, nationalities, and faiths.

 However, I wonder if in today’s era of being politically correct we are in danger of throwing away at times the essentials of our faith. Living overseas it was hard to follow all that occurred regarding a prayer letter sent out by a major denomination calling Christians to pray for the Jewish people during their religious holidays. One thing we did pick up on, though, was that there are those who felt that we should not in any way insinuate that their path is not the one that leads to salvation.


This concern was further heightened when we spoke in a church regarding the advancement of Islam in America and the need to share Christ with these lost sheep. A few members of the congregation were incensed that we would insinuate that they should beware of the spread of Islam. After all they reasoned, “They have a right to be here.”


Does being politically correct mean that we do not call God’s people to pray? Does being politically correct mean that we do not call God’s people to reach out? Does being politically correct mean that we do not openly share Jesus’ message of salvation?

The reality is that when you lance out that call and when you share that message, there will be those who are offended by it and will not consider it politically correct. The key is to do the sharing respectfully and appropriately with genuine love and concern.


Question: How has political correctness possibly crept into your spiritual identity? Your faith structure?

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