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No If’s, And’s or Buts Or Whenever, Wherever, Whatever

March 28, 2011

Read Isaiah 6:8 and Matthew 8:19-22.


Do you know what stands out in the call of Isaiah? Isaiah doesn’t say “if”. Here am I, send me, if you will pay off my house first. Here am I send me, if I can go to Europe. Here am I send me, if it is not too far from my family. Here am I send me, if I can keep my kids in private Christian schools. Here am I send me, if I can maintain a certain standard of living. Here am I send me, if there is the assurance of success. Here am I send me, if the sacrifice is not too great.


Sometimes God isn’t asking us to sacrifice a home, or family, or private schools, or a standard of living. More often than not he is asking us to sacrifice our comfort zone. Here am I send me, if I don’t have to actually invite that person into my home. Here am I send me, if I don’t have to go to the bad part of town. Here am I send me, if I don’t have to let that person have contact with my children. Here am I send me, if I can fit it in my schedule.

 Isaiah is saying to the Lord God, “Whenever, Wherever, Whatever”. There is no other way to be truly submissive. God works with an attitude of availability. It is because of this attitude that Isaiah was able to receive the Lord’s instructions.


Read between the lines in Matthew 8. A scribe pledges his loyalty to following Jesus, no doubt with the best of intentions. A disciple indicates his desire to join with Jesus. Yet, Jesus basically says following Him must be unconditional.


God has a plan and He is willing to reveal that plan, but we must be willing to say, “Whenever, Wherever, Whatever.”


Question: What are your conditions?

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