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Burn, baby, burn

March 23, 2011

Read Exodus 3 and 4.


Funny how we can read a passage and see things we have never seen before. Many are the missionaries that have read the burning bush and heard God speak to them of their call. We usually look at how reluctant Moses was and associate that with our reluctant obedience. But recently I saw the grace of God in the burning bush extended towards a true servant. I needed to see that, because I have been standing at my own burning bush recently scared that the flames would consume me. I felt guilty as I laid all my hesitations before the Lord as he again confirmed his call to me. Like Moses, I experienced grace.

 The first thing Moses did was to ask in verse 11, “Who am I?” Do you notice that God doesn’t answer that question, but he does respond? Moses wanted an explanation that would assure him he was the man for the job. God doesn’t give in to that ego trip. (Hey, could this be one of the reasons Moses turned out to be so humble?) Instead God assures Moses of who HE is and what HE will do. This isn’t about Moses. It is about God. As a friend of mine so aptly put it, “God doesn’t always answer, but he does respond.”


Then Moses raises multiple objections to this call. He names all the reasons he is a bad choice. In a way, this is ego. We think we should be better than others in order to be chosen by God. Again God doesn’t answer Moses by stroking his ego. He tells Moses who he is and what he will do. Rather than criticizing Moses hesitancy though I began to see a man who is laying his burden down at the burning bush. Moses knows he isn’t capable. He is afraid, inadequate, unqualified, and misplaced. But God, full of grace and mercy, answers all those concerns. God doesn’t get angry until Moses just point blank asks God to send someone else. God becomes angry because Moses will not step out in a faith that says, “God is able.” 


God knows our fears, reservations, limitations, and concerns. It is quite all right to voice them to him. It is a good thing to be before the burning bush and say, “I can’t.” We just need to hear God when he says, “No, you can’t. But I can.” Hearing that empowers us.


Question: What objections to God’s call have you been voicing?

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