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IQ, EQ, and SQ

February 22, 2011

Read 1 Corinthians 13 and John 13:34 & 35.


I didn't want to let my children take the IQ (intelligence quotient) tests that determine whether or not they could go into "gifted" learning classes. Part of it was fear. What if they came up just being average kids, when I thought of them as exceptional? What if they somehow permitted the scores to tell them something either negative about themselves and so lower their self-esteem? Or something positive, but it led to pride?


But they wanted it, and the nature of the beast in today's school system is that it permits a better education.


 So be it.

Well, they scored as very bright children and advanced certainly, but not "gifted". My daughter was terribly disappointed. That is her nature. My son never seemed to have given it a second thought after taking it. That is his nature. But I was terribly pleased as a mother about one aspect of the test. Both of the children scored extremely high in social skills and emotional stability. In discussing this with an educator friend she told me that indeed there are some out there even talking about EQ (emotional quotient) and that determines even more accurately how a child will perform in school.


Well the bottom line, I didn't think these tests could say much about my kids. I know them. They are exceptional because they are the people God created them to be. More important to me is how they are with God. What is their SQ (Spiritual Quotient)?


Just as we can't really accurately measure the potential of young person, we can't accurately measure our spirituality. We have tried. Remember the Sunday school envelope? Number of contacts made, Offering, Sunday school attendance, Church attendance, Lesson studied, and On time? The big deal was to get a perfect score and to be honored at the end of the year. 


What does God measure? God measures our love for him and for our fellow man. That is a true measurement of our spirituality. So perhaps our Sunday school envelope should read, "Patience, Kindness, Protection of others, Trust, Hope, Perseverance, etc. Well, obviously we can't record those things each week to see how we are doing as a body, but maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea to check it off ourselves every so often. 


Question: What is your SQ?

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