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The Reality

November 25, 2008

"Do not oppress an alien; you yourselves know how it feels to be aliens, because you were aliens in Egypt." – Exodus 23:9


The reality of the world today is that every effort is made to divide and separate the peoples of the world. Governments and countries are most concerned about grasping hard to what is theirs and excluding all others. This is normal. The natural man, in the flesh, desires to do this. The spiritual man, in the Spirit, wants with all of his heart to emulate the Lord Jesus – loving all those around him, including them without bias, and responding to their spiritual and physical needs. Satan has used every means at his disposal to plant the seeds of hatred, racism, exclusion, and pride in our hearts. The politics of today are easily fit for his uses. These politics lead us to want to disparage and alienate the ones who are “different.” There must be an enemy and the authorities of today are always ready to provide one. Sadly, this reality and the horrible results of it often fall upon refugees/migrants. All along the journey across the continent of Africa they have encountered the worst that the natural man has to offer.

This is not a new phenomenon. We see in the book of Exodus the hard heart of the Pharaoh who would not let the people of God go – preferring to keep them in poverty and slavery. May the Lord touch the hearts of those in authority and show them new and miraculous ways to find solutions to the problems of migration. Where doors are closed and there seem to be no answers may He provide them. May He touch the human spirits of those in authority that the most humane decisions are made. May we see with the eyes of our Lord Jesus and respond in His love.



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