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Edify One Another

February 26, 2008

“Edify one another.” I Thes. 5:11


The word "edify" means "to build up." Christians who really care edify one another. They build each other up in the faith. This is one of the highest duties that a Christian has. We can be used of the Lord to help "build up" others, or be used of Satan to tear down, to destroy. It is much easier to be a destroyer than to be a builder.


We build each other up by our example, by our speech, by our ministry of spiritual gifts, by our love, and by our prayers.

  • The example of the strong Christian should encourage and strengthen the weak Christian to grow.

  • We should choose our words carefully and use words that build up one another rather than words of discouragement.

  • We should use our spiritual gifts for the specific purpose of edifying the members of the church. 

  • Acts of real love can only serve to edify those who receive them. 

  • We know by experience that when someone prays for and/or with us that it is a great source of encouragement and strength for our faith.

In our “survivor,” “winner-take-all” world where everyone is out for number one, we must be different. All that we do must be for the Kingdom and not the things of this world. We are to seek to build each other up day by day.


Who can you “edify” today? Pray that God will bring opportunity in your day to build someone up that truly needs it.

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