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The internationals Cluster provides webinars on multiple subjects from Islam to issues that impact the Latino community to cultural sensitivity. Webinars are provided in multiple languages. To request a live webinar, please click on "Request a Webinar" under the "Get Involved" tab on this web page.  Other online opportunities such as roundtables, submitting a story and prayer requests are also available.

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Past Webinars


Refugees and Immigrants: Examining Anxiety....

Executive Director of Gateway of Grace Refugee Ministries,  will shed light on the struggles faced by those fleeing their home countries to take refuge in the United States.


The discussion focuses on teaching participants to:

  1. Understand aspects of the emotional process inside refugee families and communities.

  2. Identify emotional and spiritual problems within these systems.

  3. Implement Christ-centered ways to help refugees resolve their emotional problems.


Chronological Story of The Bible

Watch this video to learn how to share the Biblical narrative through the art of storying. Below the video you can access for download the hand outs that are mentioned.


Faith and Freedom Even in Houston, Texas

On September 20th, South Main Baptist Church with CBF Field Personnel, Nell Greene, held a program regarding human trafficking as part of Human Trafficking Awareness Month for the city of Huston. Click the link below to watch videos from the event! 


Webinars Available by CBF Internationals Cluster

The Internationals Cluster of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship provides webinars on multiple subjects from Islam to issues that impact the Latino community to cultural sensitivity. Webinars are provided in multiple languages. View an introductory video for the webinars.


CBF Field Personnel and Partners Address Human Trafficking

Six panelists comprised of non profit anti-trafficking organizations and CBF Field Personnel describe what is happening in their part of the world and ways they are addressing trafficking. Each panelist shares ways that churches and individuals can become involved in anti-trafficking efforts.


World At Your Door

This webinar will help you with the nuts and bolts of being culturally sensitive as you build relationships with Internationals.


Introduction to Webinars on Islam

A series of four webinars is available on the subject of Islam. This series has been used by multiple churches during their midweek service for training and discussion. If you are interested in arranging a series for your congregation or as an individual, see available topics under "Get Involved" and "Request a Webinar."


Women in Islam with Dina Abdelrahman and Eman Zenhom

Dina Abdelrahman and Eman Zenhom explains what it means to be a woman and a follower of Islam. Addressing various stereotypes these two engaging women explain the liberty they have in their faith and their desire to be faithful in their following.


Different Perspectives Session 1

What do Muslim leaders think? Three Muslim leaders from the Houston Texas area share their thoughts on the Egyptian revolution, the Syrian refugee crisis, and being Muslim in America.


Different Perspectives Session 2

What do Muslim leaders think? Three Muslim leaders from the Houston area share their thoughts on current events. This is a repeat of the first session with the exception of the discussion questions.


Fair Trade

Learn more about Fair Trade! Learn what to look for to be sure an item is fair trade and learn how fair trade addresses trafficking.


Outside Resources


Melissa Fleming: Let's Help Refugees Thrive, Not Just Survive


Suicide Among Refugees: Understanding the social and cultural context for prevention strategies 

From Refugee Health TA on Vimeo. This webinar was presented by the Refugee Health Technical Assistance Center. 


Addressing Mental Health, PTSD, and Suicide in Refugee Communities

Refugees face a broad range of challenges that can make them more susceptible to mental health difficulties, including PTSD, depression, and suicide. Awareness of Western medical-based diagnoses is fundamental, but providers must also be aware of the ways that distress is manifested or verbalized by their clients, and feel empowered to provide culturally appropriate treatment or referrals.

The objectives of this webinar are to:

  1. Enhance the capabilities of providers in recognizing and meeting refugee mental health needs,

  2. Assist social service providers in responding to recent increases in suicide attempts in the refugee community

  3. Present indicators, warning signs and prevalence of PTSD, depression, somaticization and suicidal ideation

  4. Present evidence-based interventions for addressing PTSD, depression, somaticization and suicide

This webinar is presented by Kristin L. Towhill, LCSW, a psychotherapist who serves as the Clinical Supervisor at the Florida Center for Survivors of Torture. She has worked extensively with clients with trauma and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder from torture, combat, and sexual abuse and assault. She has presented to a range of professionals, laypeople, and students on PTSD, complex trauma, dissociative disorders, and diversity.

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Best Practices to Combat Child Trafficking (Harvard Kennedy School)

This is a recorded webinar of a panel discussion that took place on November 15, 2011. Bringing together a panel of experts from academia, policy, and non-governmental organizations, the conference was an opportunity to share their perspectives on best practices to combat the trafficking of children. Ms. Thatun represented UNICEF’s perspective on service provision to children; Mr. Davis shared insights into the role of private companies in combating trafficking; and, Mr. van de Glind highlighted viewpoints from major labor organizations. In order to view this webinar, you will need to register for a free account. Please click here to access the information page and follow the instructions.

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