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Butch & Nell Green,

Field Personnel

Our Mission:

As members of the CBF Internationals North America Team, empowered by the Holy Spirit, we will be an incarnational presence, bearing witness to Jesus Christ, cultivating beloved community, and seeking transformational development within the context of global migration.

We are members of a team of CBF Field Personnel working among refugees, immigrants, international students, and other transnationals throughout the United States.





Countries Visited

Refugees Served


Educated on Human Trafficking

I did not understand the role of missionaries until I met Butch and Nell Green! They have opened my eyes in many areas of my Christian faith! Their love for all people, their FAITH of things to come, their dedication to the WORD, and their walk in life, have taught me much. AND they are real people who enjoy many areas of life.

 - Gary Williams - 

Having served as Missions Minister and now as Director of the Coalition to Combat Human Trafficking-Texas, it has been (and continues to be) a tremendous blessing to work alongside Nell and Butch Green.  The Greens introduced me (and our Church) to the prevalence of labor and sex trafficking in our City and throughout the State.  They have taught, provided encouragement and exemplified through their tireless efforts ways in which to combat this horrific industry, and their endeavors continue to be an inspiration to myself and CCHT-Texas as we work to bring awareness and prevention of trafficking in our State.

 - Cynthia Aulds - 

A really kind and lovely lady, Nell, emailed me and we made an appointment. We met each other, talked together and got close. ... I went to know more about Christianity... I don’t know what happened, but once I felt this is what I was looking for. Now, I’m more peaceful and satisfied with my life, I could figure out how to live, how to think, who is God and how I should worship him and talk to. 

 - We cannot share this young woman's name. - 

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Butch & Nell Green, CBF Field Personnel

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