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Its Time Its Time

Take your church on a journey toward missional faithfulness. Other resources for It's Time can be found at

The New Global Mission: The Gospel From Everywhere to Everyone The New Global Mission: The Gospel From Everywhere to Everyone

Christian mission is no longer a matter of missionaries from the West going to the rest of the world. Rather, the growth of Christianity in Latin America, Africa and parts of Asia is eclipsing that of the Western church. In the third millennium of the Christian era, Christian mission is truly global, with missionaries from all places going to all peoples. Veteran missiologist Samuel Escobar presents this introduction to Christian mission today. He explores the new realities of our globalized world and assesses the context of a changing mission field that is simultaneously secular and syncretistic. He also sets forth a thoroughly biblical theology of missions, considering how God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are at work around the world, with implications for how Christians are to go about the task of global mission.

Breaking the Missional Code Breaking the Missional Code

Breaking the Missional Code provides expert insight on church culture and church vision casting, plus case studies of successful modern missional churches.

The Power of Serving Others The Power of Serving Others

by Gary Morsch and Dean Nelson

No one wants to end life's journey wondering: Did my life count for something? Did I have a reason for being here? The stories in this book show that for people of all ages, income levels, and expertise, the answer can be a resounding "Yes!"

Pursuing the Full Kingdom Potential of Your Congregation Pursuing the Full Kingdom Potential of Your Congregation

by George Bullard, 2006

Bullard offers not just another process for congregational redevelopment. He learns from the past to take congregations on a journey that is open-ended, custom-made, and locally-owned. His focus is on capacity building in each congregation, calling for a narrative approach to futuring in the life of congregations that responds to the new thing God is seeking to do in and through members of the congregation. Bullard uses coaching techniques to help all congregation to reach their full Kingdom potential.


Perspectives on the World Christian Movement Perspectives on the World Christian Movement

Perspectives has a unique focus. Perspectives has a long and singular track record in the business of opening students' eyes to the Bible, world history, international culture, and God's purpose for it all in a way that no other course can offer. A different expert teaches each of the 15 sessions. This allows you to be exposed to people who specialize in the area they cover.

Missions Dilemma Workbook Missions Dilemma Workbook

An excellent resource for missions pastors, missions committees, or those participating on a missions team. Written by Steve Saint; published by Indigenous People’s Technology and Education Center.

Preaching for the Missional Journey Preaching for the Missional Journey

In Preaching for the Missional Journey, Charles Bugg explains the relationship of “missional” to preaching and brings together more than 20 diverse proclaimers to illustrate the power and potential of missional preaching for individuals, congregations, and communities. Additionally, this resource offers definitions of missional related terms, a bibliography of missional related resources, and a scripture-sermon index. CBF Field Personnel Nell Green is one of the contributors.

When Helping Hurts When Helping Hurts

"When Helping Hurts" combines sound theology, solid research, foundational principles, and proven strategies that prepare you for Christian transformational ministry among the poor, whether in the local community or abroad.

International Justice Mission International Justice Mission
Community Justice Assessment Tool

IJM's guide will help you discover issues of injustice and opportunities for justice ministry in your community.

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