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  Ideas for International Ministry

A checklist of meeting needs and serving internationals.

  Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service

They have a program for churches to welcome refugees even if they aren't near a place where refugees are being settled.

  Episcopal Migration Ministries

As long as the crisis persists for refugees and immigrants, EMM will pursue its mission and mandate to welcome the stranger. You are invited to share the journey with all who seek safety and security within our borders and throughout the world.

  International Orality Network

Chronological Storytelling is a step by step teaching method that is used in order for people to learn the truths of God’s word, the Bible. It is not a new method of teaching but rather an old way. It is one way Jesus used to communicate his message, as well as various prophets and apostles.

  Every Nation Christian Ministry

Today Every Nation Christian Ministry is reaching thousands of students from London to Manila, Melbourne to Cape Town. ENCM is training tomorrow’s leaders to impact the world for Christ!

Resource for Iranians Resource for Iranians

A 24 hour church resource for Iranian people (not in English)

  Refugee Highway Partnership
Refugee Highway Information and Resources

The refugee highway partnership is a network of like ministries and churches who seek to serve those on the highway from source countries to safe countries.

Iran Alive Ministries Iran Alive Ministries

Iran Alive Ministries started in 2002 as International Antioch Ministries, a non-profit Christian organization composed of former Muslims partnering together to transform the lives of individuals, families and communities.

Through comprehensive outreach ministries inside and outside Iran, we are spreading the gospel message and reaching out to the 66 million Iranians, 98% of whom are Muslim. There is a growing hunger inside this closed country to hear the message of Hope. God has given us a vision to transform the lives of Iranians and Muslims around the world.

In this generation Iranians are open, bringing about a unique opportunity to reach this people group with the Gospel. It is uncertain how long this window of opportunity will remain.

Iran Alive Ministries’ mission is “To partner together to transform the lives of Iranians around the world through evangelism, discipleship and leadership development”. We will need partners from around the world to touch the lives of over 150 million Farsi speakers.

  Jubilee Refugee Program

Jubilee works together with sponsoring agencies in Atlanta to place refugees who will especially benefit from the extra assistance Jubilee provides, such as people who need English, those who are making a large cultural leap, or single mothers with children. We provide a residential program to these newly-arrived refugees.

  World Religions and Global Cultures Center

The Campbell University Divinity Center for World Religions and Global Cultures Centers seeks to enhance students’ understanding of other cultures and religious beliefs. The center offers courses in world religions and world cultures for divinity students, as well as workshops and speaking opportunities for students, ministers, and religious leaders. By expanding the education and understanding of other faiths, the Center seeks to enable others to reach out and share the good news with religious neighbors. 

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