Drinking Tea


Shortly after we arrived on the field in California, one of the first Afghan families we met was a single mother, a widow whose husband had been killed by the Taliban, and her seven children.  She was pregnant with the seventh child at the time of her husband's murder.  Now the children were aged 2-17 and the family had just arrived in Fremont's Little Kabul community.  We went to visit them in their small two-bedroom apartment. They didn't have any furniture, so we all sat on the floor.  As is Afghan custom, the mother immediately offered us some hot tea.  As our family was drinking tea, we noticed that none of their family was drinking tea, and I asked them, "Won't you join us and drink some tea with us?"  It turned out they couldn't; they only had five cups, so the family of eight couldn't all drink at the same time.  We knew right away that our first ministry with this family was to mobilize local Christians from our church to give this family kitchenware, furniture, towels, and other household goods.