Mira & Sasha Zivanov




Former Yugoslavians by Birth...American Citizens by Choice...
Christians by God's Grace

We  are  a  group  of  churches  and  individuals connected by one purpose: to fulfill the Great Commission  and  to  serve  refugees  from  the former Yugoslavia.

Many  refugees  come  to  St.  Louis,  Missouri, USA,  with  next  to  nothing.  All  their  earthly possessions,  several  family  members,  and many productive years of their own lives were lost to violence, conflict, and hardship.

They have come here with hope.

We meet their hope with friendship and service  and  faith.  We  are  eager  to  help  in  any way  as  they  build  new  lives  in  a  new  neighborhood.  We  want  them  to  discover  peace and reconciliation and wholeness.



Sasha and Mira dream of having a few dedicated Christians to work alongside them, praying with them and joining their pastoral staff. In addition, they pray for the funds to provide a space  of their own to house a hospitality ministry – food pantry and beyond – perhaps a coffeehouse and pastry shop, a community gathering place for games, classes, cultural expression, and...






They also have a goal of serving a congregation of growing believers. Please pray for the Bosnian Food Pantry and International Ministry.

To support Sasha and Mira's ministry, please send contributions to:

Kirkwood Baptist Church
Attn: Bosnian Ministry
211 N. Woodlawn
Kirkwood, MO 63122


Sasha and Mira can be contacted at:

Phone: 314-583-3307
Email: uamsasa@charter.net