Karen Morrow


Karen Morrow, CBF Field Personnel, Refugee Ministry, Forth Worth, Texas

Morrow tries to fill in the gaps that resettlement agencies, which provide assistance to refugees in the first few months, may miss.

“Without help, many refugees just fall into urban poverty,” she said. “We don’t take the place of the resettlement agencies. We provide friendship. We help them learn English, sort mail, learn to drive, find medical help, navigate the system and ask the right questions to get the help they need.  Sometimes it’s little things: How do you get a fishing license? Where is the library? Where can we picnic?”

Morrow, who previously ministered to Kurdish people in Germany, seeks to be the welcoming presence of Christ among Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and Christians from all over the world. She partners with local churches, individuals and organizations to meet the needs of refugees in the most effective manner.

“These are the nations that God is bringing to our door,” Morrow said. “We might not be able to engage in traditional missions work in all these nations, but we can try to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of our new neighbors. We can be an example of Christ’s love.”