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From the monthly archives: July 2015

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Welcome Home! by Amanda Atkinon

A member of Greystone Baptist Church joins others in welcoming a refugee family. 

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Family on Mission in Their Own Back Yard by Kim Wyatt, CBF Field Personnel

With more than 232 million migrants in the world, including 16.7 million refugees, we live in an age of unprecedented human mobility. These movements of people allow us the opportunity to extend hope and hospitality to those fleeing hostility or drawn by the promise of a better life for their family. Here in the Triangle approximately 1000 refugees resettle each year. Regularly I meet women and men who ask how they can help. 

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Come Go With Us, by Marc Wyatt, CBF Field Personnel

Dr. Braswell’s invitation began a great adventure. We were able to spend many hours of quality time with one of the world’s most experienced and knowledgeable Christian Educators. Like a sponge we soaked up every word and experience. The week took us back and forth across the great divide that has separated many around the world and across the ages. We sat crossed legged as we listened to Buddhist share their view of reality. We were welcomed wholeheartedly by our hosts as each invited us into their sacred spaces; Mormons, Muslims and Hindus each North Carolinians, many of which have lived in Raleigh, Cary and Durham longer than our fellow Campbell Divinity Students were old. 

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The Hokey Pokey by Kim Wyatt, CBF Field Personnel

Even jetlagged from long journeys abroad and having navigated the city bus system each Monday and Wednesday during rush hour, as they walk into my classroom they are hopeful. Hopeful that today they just might learn a few words that will help them complete a job application, decipher a food label at the grocery store or make sense of the street names where they now live. 

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From Prostitution to Victimization by Nell Green, CBF Field Personnel

There was the street with more windows than before. They were bigger and they had neon lights. Every window had someone in them…male and female. Each one was attempting to show off their wares. It was eleven o’clock in the morning. A couple of nights later, we were visiting friends in the area. We walked along the street. Men getting off work were ‘window shopping.’ Only a few of the windows were occupied as business was quite brisk at this time of day.

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