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From the monthly archives: May 2015

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Ask and It Shall Be Given by CBF Field Personnel to Persians

A. went into one of the buildings at the University to get some papers. It was evening. The building was empty. The hallway to the elevator exit was long. And there, before he reached the elevator, A. experienced an unexpected, powerful outpouring of God’s Spirit which lasted for seconds and hours at the same time

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"I came to thank Jesus!" by CBF Field Personnel to Persians

“I came to thank Jesus” was the response of K, a young Iranian Muslim woman when I asked her what brought her to the Persian service that day.  

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"I think Jesus likes me!" by CBF Field Personnel to Persians

“I was sitting next to this lady in my 6 hours flight from San Francisco.
She was reading bible. she told me some bible stories and i talked about our church with her.  I think Jesus likes me.”

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