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From the monthly archives: January 2015

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A New Heaven by Karen Morrow, CBF Field Personnel

Recently I had a glimpse of heaven which was much different than my former experience of solemn worship and praise.  I was privileged to attend the baptism of the son of one of my friends who attends our Bible Study for women from the Middle East.  

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Surprised by Grace in 2014 by Nell Green, CBF Field Personnel

If you research some of the online definitions of grace you come across words like favor, goodwill, love, kindness, mercy, forgiveness, charity, etc. This post has been swirling around in my mind for months. It seemed fitting to finally put it down ‘on paper’ so to speak on the final day of 2014. You see, on multiple occasions people have asked me how I would describe the past year or so. Every time I reply, “I have been surprised by grace…over and over again.”

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Kickball...Leaves Plenty of Time for the Bible by Lita Sample

When we began the ESL Conversation Café for internationals who needed it, there came an opportunity for a little playtime.  One Chinese Christian woman came who wanted so much for her husband to come to ESL, because he didn’t know Jesus.  

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