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From the monthly archives: August 2014

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Morning Light, by Marc Wyatt, CBF Field personnel

Visiting Chinese Scholar, Dr. Nui Chenguang* is a PhD of Engineering and a member of the Communist Party in his home city of 10 million. He just finished a year of English Studies at North Carolina State University. Dr. Morning Light (Chenguang translated into English) regularly attended the English as a Second Language Class hosted by a local Baptist church. 

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Eating AGAIN?! by CBF Field Personnel to Persian Speakers

Ministry to Persian Speaking Peoples focuses on people from 3 countries where various dialects of Persian are found. These are Iran (Farsi), Afghanistan (Dari) and Tajikistan (Tajik). There are differences in the dialects but there is a basic understanding. There are times when it takes a mental leap. 

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Dolls of Hope: How One Mission Group Responded to the Border Crisis by Marc Wyatt

Mrs. Matthews placed with loving hands, the 34 handmade cloth dolls, some for boys, and some for girls neatly into two large cardboard boxes. Each doll had been made by one of her devoted mission sisters. Each one had been stitched with thread and prayers for God to somehow make sense of the crisis they had heard about at the US/Mexican Border. 

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