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From the monthly archives: May 2014

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Reduced to Zero by Marc Wyatt, CBF Field Personnel

Our mission adventure with CBF began in 1996 when we said good-bye to our families, sold or gave away everything we owned, flew half way around the world with our children, Jon Marc age 1 and Rebecca age 3 and moved where we were the foreigners. 

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To CANADA! by Betsy Stewart

The following blog entry is from Betsy Stewart. Commissioned via World Endeavor FBC Oklahoma City, Betsy is currently on the field serving in Ft. Erie, Ontario, Canada with Matthew House Refugee and Settlement Ministry

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Things Christians Can Learn During Ramadan by Nell Green, CBF Field Personnel

Ramadan begins on June 28th. Ramadan is the month when people who follow Islam fast from the time the sun comes up until it goes down. They do this for 30 days. Sometimes my Muslim friends laugh at me because they say I keep up more than they do about when Ramadan starts and ends. I admit, I pay attention to it. I think this month when Muslims fast from sun up to sun down is pregnant with possibilities not only for them but for me. Why?

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Is it ok to have fun in ministry? by Butch Green, CBF Field Personnel

“What place has been your favorite?” We get that question all the time. Nell and I have served the Lord in full time ministry since 1986. We have lived and worked in West Africa, Europe, on the East coast and now in Houston, TX. Usually, we say there is good and bad in every place, but we have loved them all especially the people. 

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Come in--Welcome to my home! by CBF Field Personnel to Persian Speakers Worldwide

Reaching out to International neighbors opens our perspective and our lives. One of my favorite cross-cultural experiences is visiting Iranian homes (here in the US) during the first days of spring. This is their New Year time and homes are decorated with a special table called “Half Seen” (See picture). These tables are admired by guests (in a way similar to how many American Christians admire decorated Christmas trees during Christmas season).  The thing I enjoy most about this New Year in Spring is the widespread visitation and hospitality--the Open Homes.

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