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From the monthly archives: April 2014

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Freeing My Slaves by Nell Green

As I write this I sit in a bus station in Dallas, Texas waiting for my bus back to Houston. Bus travel is certainly not what it used to be! There is wifi, security guards, snack bar, etc. As a young woman I was somewhat afraid of bus travel. It is a new day however, and it seems on the surface most everyone is like me. But are they? As a people watcher, I observe closely the people around me and wonder about their stories. Are these two young men and the young lady with them related? Are they going to visit family or search out a better life? Does the young woman want to be there? Is she with them by choice? Are these men who are obviously not American traveling together because they share a cultural heritage? Why are several of them on the move at the same time? Are they perhaps headed for work in an oil field or in agriculture? The woman cooking short orders behind the window speaks no English. Her face is weathered and unsmiling. I wonder if she wants to be there. Is the job a blessing or a burden? Is she being paid fairly and does she work decent hours?

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Making a Difference Among Survivors of Human Trafficking

Increased knowledge about human trafficking often leads to an increased sense of powerlessness and frustration!  We can buy merchandise to support causes, and we can preach as anti-human-trafficking abolitionists, but very seldom do we have a way to impact survivors on a personal level, face-to-face.

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A Sister from God by Charis Smith

Thus began a 10 year friendship between Christian and Suni which has been cemented by  life’s strongest ties: a love of mothers for their children and a shared belief that God cares for us always.  

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Trusting in His Strength by Kim Wyatt, CBF Field personnel

Are you experiencing a time in your life right now where things seem impossible, the mountain of fear seems too big, your strength is fading? Consider my friend, Jackie, and her faith-tested real life story. 

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Horseshoes and Halal Grilled Chicken by Marc Wyatt, CBF Field Personnel

Did you ever in your wildest imagination think you would have someone from the Middle East over to your house for lunch? I asked my friend, Larry. Pastor Knowles is a tall senior gentleman, full of Christian joy, quick-witted and a master of dickering if ever there was. 

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A Celebration

She is young, energetic and smart. She wants to study genetics. Her English is broken, but she is absolutely determined to make it perfect. She realizes that coming to the US was a chance in a lifetime.

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