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From the monthly archives: July 2013

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Who's your Daddy? by Bob and Janice Newell

It was spoken language, so I can’t know whether or not she intended to place a comma in her statement. Who knows if she meant, “You are our Daddy God!” or “You are our Daddy, God!” Face Book grammarians would, doubtless, note at least two variegated interpretations to the sentence by the precise placement or intentional omission of that comma. I believe strongly in correct grammar; I work to avoid split infinitives and dangling participles; and I know the difference between “you’re” and “your.” But, when the woman bringing the devotional thought prayed aloud, referring to God as Daddy, it didn’t seem to matter to me whether or not she intended a verbal comma.

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A Case of Mistaken Identity by David D'Amico

In the present world situation there are not borders to stop persons from migrating. We are all connected and few can camouflage their identity except those who can forge passports or social security cards.

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George, the Pelican

I have reflected a lot on my encounter with George this week. The first impression I formed was inaccurate. His looks were not the core of his beauty. The reputation of his species and character are strangely and intimately connected to my own.


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A Love We Dare Not Abandon by Greg Smith, CBF Field Personnel

Teaching the lesson for my Sunday morning Bible study class, I mentioned that John’s reference to the Ephesian church’s “first love” (v. 4) is often interpreted to mean God, our fellow believers or both. 

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Gracious Uncertainty and Breathless Expectations by Nell Green, CBF Field Personnel

One of my favorite Oswald Chambers devotionals speaks of gracious uncertainty and breathless expectations as marks of a spiritual life. In the uncertainty we trust and wait breathlessly for what God is going to do. This past Sunday at church I heard testimony of that in a real and tangible way. This is the story of two women: Lori, a Caucasian woman, has been a member of our church since childhood. Karen, an African American woman has been there only a few months. The story is told in Lori’s words….


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