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From the monthly archives: April 2010

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The Lesson of Doing by Nell Green, CBF Field Personnel

We are all about doing as long as we can choose what we will do. As soon as God asks us to do something that will demonstrate true love for him and our neighbor the cost becomes too great and we walk on the other side of the road.

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“Now he is my friend.” By Nell Green, CBF Field Personnel

My in-laws were visiting us in Europe. They honestly had no desire to travel and sightsee. They just wanted to be with the grandchildren and have an idea of what our lives are like here. So we took them to eat Turkish pizza.

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Missed Blessings by Nell Green, CBF Field Personnel

We took our young son to Versailles. As we were leaving, we remarked that most of men selling souvenirs were probably Senegalese. That excited Brandon because he realized that the men most likely spoke Wolof. He asked us to give him courage because he wanted to walk up to the men and say the Wolof greetings he had learned years before while living in West Africa.

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A World Without Borders Part 2:God Has a Program by Nell Green, CBF Field Personnel

My children recently explained to me that for them and their immigrant friends, constantly moving back and forth between countries and continents is in fact a ‘normal’ way of life. Indeed, world mobilization and communication have changed the strategy of missions. Rather than fear the changes as intrusions upon our own comfort zone, let's embrace them. Let's realize that God is about his purpose of spreading his love to all people.


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