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From the monthly archives: January 2008

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Janee from Brussels takes a look at the life of Peter

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Sunday School Stories

Janee from Brussels ponders a Red Sea experience versus a Jordan Experience

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The Sound of Music

Janee from Brussels spends some time studying the life of Joseph

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God's Title

Janee from Brussels relects on the title of our God. The God of....

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Janee from Brussels learns about God's glory

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The underdogs

  December 29th – Christy     Read Matthew 25:40.   As far as the eye can see, greenhouses. Thousands and thousands of plastic covered greenhouses hidden from our sights late last night as we drove to Almeria, Spain. But today – greenhouses everywhere! As we were driving late last night, we thought the shinny plastic on top of the greenhouses was water, the Mediterranean Sea. But no, they are the sweat shops of southern Spain, where thousands of immigrants legal and illegal work. (The immigrants who work in these greenhouses are the lucky ones, as we shall see on the rest of our trip. Many refugees and immigrants are stuck in North Arica desperate to get to Europe.) Just as the greenhouses were hidden from our sight because of darkness, immigrants in the USA are often hidden from our sight. We walk past them – ignore them. We avoid the side of town where they live. Just as these immigrants were hidden under the plastic roofs of the greenhouses, immigrants in the U ...

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Hope for the New Year

  Jan 1st – Phillip   Read Romans 5:1-5. New Year’s Day: new goals, new ideas, new hopes, and new weight los plans. These desires to start anew in 2008 are held by many of us, a way to refresh…but not for the refugees and migrants we met today. They returned today hoping for the good news they desire: work, a way to get to the West, or even a way to get home after giving up on a new life in their host country.   Instead of happiness and celebration for the New Year, they experience the same oppressive daily life in North Africa. Ringing in the New Year is more like the ringing of handcuffs in prison, as one was caught this night attempting to escape to Europe.   However, all is not lost. Those meeting the immigrants at the church do provide hope through food, medicine, and clothes. The smiling faces and words of personal encouragement are the most important. A prayer for hope goes a long way for someone with little or no hope left.     So instea ...

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