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Tammy Goes to Houston! Part 3 by Tammy Ekrut

You can still feel the oppression in the walls but Cat’s group prays and prays hard.  Two rooms in the museum are set up to represent a cantina like the ones currently in business in the Latino areas of town and a room as it would have been before the raid.  They are chilling.

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Tammy Goes to Houston! Part 2 by Tammy Ekrut

Nell has enough international clothing to dress 20-30 models and does Global Runway Shows where she tells the plight of the women in the various countries represented.  This event turned into a processional for the celebration of the church’s 50th anniversary of their international ministry.  So Nell modified her normal routine and had an amazing impact on the younger youth she was given as models.  I’m so glad I stayed for this event.  I saw more of Nell’s gifting and got to watch as eight teenaged girls learn about the hardships and joys of women from around the world.  They came in excited about playing dress up and left transformed by the stories they heard.

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Tammy Goes to Houston! Part 1 by Tammy Ekrut

I dropped Nell an email and told her I would like to come visit and volunteer with her for a weekend. We made the plans and I made a long drive to Houston. 

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They don't want to leave! by Butch Green CBF Field Personnel

I recently went to deliver a food basket to a new Iranian family. As I got to the door I noticed that a copy of John 11:25 was taped to the door. I entered, introduced myself and gave them the basket. I had barely taken off my shoes at the door, when the wife said something to her husband in Farsi. He stated that this is truly a blessing and his wife would like to pray. They had me hold their hands around this small basket of food as she began pouring her heart out to God in her native language for the next ten minutes.

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Missions Day by Carol Shattuck

Who knew!  There are literally thousands of refugee families from across the globe living in Houston within a few miles of each other.  Partnering with Interfaith Ministries, 21 members of South Main Baptist Church and 3 children arrived at the Youth Center on Saturday, April 30, in spite of early morning predictions of heavy rain to prepare baskets of rice, beans and fresh produce and deliver them to 50 newly arrived families.  

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My Mission Project by Marc and Kim Wyatt

After CBF missionary Marc Wyatt came and spoke to my RA group, I knew what I wanted to do for my mission project.  Mr. Wyatt told us about the immigrants he works with.  One of the things he said was they needed beds for the kids.  Most families have more than one child and they have to share a room so I decided to build a bunk bed.  

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Knowing and Being Known by Nell Green

We lived and worked in Brussels for nine years. We raised our children there. Even then it was not necessarily an easy place. We lived and worked in the immigrant neighborhood that has been so much in the news recently. 

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CBF Field Personnel Engage with Refugees

CBF Field Personnel in the US and Europe are working to meet the needs of refugees. As t he world experiences massive migrations, meeting the needs of those on the refugee highway is chalenging and rewarding. Here, Rick Sample enjoys a moment of excitement and praise as a refugee friend receives citizenship. 

In a recent article by Baptist News Global, Butch and Nell Green were interviewed as well as their partners at Interfaith Ministries about the response of churches to refugees. 

The ministry of Marc and Kim Wyatt in North Carolina was featured in the newsletter by CBF of North Carolina.  The article begins on page 6 and talks about churches and the Wyatts are coming together to meet the needs of newly arriving refugees. 

To learn more about how you can respond to the needs of refugees contact 

Super Bowl....2017!!!! by Nell Green

To border patrol he was just another Mexican trying to cross the border. He was caught and sent back with no questions asked. 

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Peace on Earth and Good Will Toward People by Nell Green

Engaging with our International neighbor requires respect. All of humanity no matter their faith background is worthy of respect. We are all made in the image of God. Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Cao Dei, Christian….it doesn’t matter. Yet as Christians I believe we are called to take a step well beyond respect. We are called to love and to love in sincerity. 

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