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Tiny Drops in a Big Buckets: Addressing the Vulnerabilities of Human Trafficking by Nell Green

There was a certain relief when we returned to serve in the U.S. We would have more resources. The task would not be quite so overwhelming. We would have the support of the church at our fingertips. I has not worked out quite like that. Why? Not because those things are not true, but because the very same systems of injustice that make people overseas vulnerable to trafficking exist right here. Of course we must led aid to victims of both labor and sex trafficking whenever, wherever and however we are able. But if we are to forever end slavery of all sorts, we must eradicate the systems of injustice that make people vulnerable to trafficking.

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As you, our new president and elected officials discuss and decide the fates of these people, I wonder how many refugees you personally know. Probably very few if any at all! So Mr. President let me introduce you to some of my refugee friends. 

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Voices by Nell Green

The voice of Jesus is the same way. Indeed there are other voices around us attempting to drown him out. But when we learn his voice, we learn to focus, and we learn to separate out the other voices, there will be only one voice for us and we will follow it without question. No other voice will tempt us. We will by instinct know the voice that is for us. And even after all these years in so many different places, contexts, and cultures, I can honestly say life is abundant when we hear, listen, and follow. 

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Vulnerable: Race and Human Trafficking by Nell Green

I do not think of myself as racist. And Lord knows I attempt and examine myself regularly to be sure I am not harboring any form of racism in my mind or heart. Yet when we cry out for “the everything going for her” white affluent girl from the burbs and we ignore or simply shake our heads at the others, we must acknowledge a system of racism that permits the cruelest of injustices.  

#girlsmatter no matter what color or ethnicity. 

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Houston 2016: A Reality Check in an Age of Uncertainty by Caleb Mynatt

Going into the mission trip to Houston, there were many things to take into account. We had never gone on this trip before, never met these people before, had no idea what their interests were, we didn’t know how many people would show up and above all, we were working with “refugees.” As anyone who watches the news should know, refugees are a hot topic today in current politics and news. We were working with people that were in the limelight of American politics right now, whether they be in it for good or bad reasons. This alone was a lot to take in and can be very intimidating for some people. Nonetheless, I remained anxious to meet these people and after many talks with our group and lessons from Butch and Nell Green, we as a mission group felt prepared to take on anything that came our way. 

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Afghan Community Shows Support for Orlando Victims by Rick Sample

CBF field personnel Rick Sample attended an inter-faith vigil for Orlando in Fremont, CA, hosted by Fremont’s large Afghan community.  Lita and Rick Sample have served among San Francisco Bay Area’s Muslim internationals for fourteen years.  Rick says that local Afghan-American immigrants have told him that they abhor the violence and stand with all Americans against terrorism.


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Building Relationships by Carol Shattuck

A few weeks ago I joined my friends from South Main Baptist Church to go deliver food baskets to refugees. Butch and Nell Green, CBF Field Personnel in partnership with Interfaith Ministries, led the endeavor. It was pivotal moment for me as I met and began to get to know a refugee family from Iraq.  

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Tammy Goes to Houston! Part 3 by Tammy Ekrut

You can still feel the oppression in the walls but Cat’s group prays and prays hard.  Two rooms in the museum are set up to represent a cantina like the ones currently in business in the Latino areas of town and a room as it would have been before the raid.  They are chilling.

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Tammy Goes to Houston! Part 2 by Tammy Ekrut

Nell has enough international clothing to dress 20-30 models and does Global Runway Shows where she tells the plight of the women in the various countries represented.  This event turned into a processional for the celebration of the church’s 50th anniversary of their international ministry.  So Nell modified her normal routine and had an amazing impact on the younger youth she was given as models.  I’m so glad I stayed for this event.  I saw more of Nell’s gifting and got to watch as eight teenaged girls learn about the hardships and joys of women from around the world.  They came in excited about playing dress up and left transformed by the stories they heard.

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Tammy Goes to Houston! Part 1 by Tammy Ekrut

I dropped Nell an email and told her I would like to come visit and volunteer with her for a weekend. We made the plans and I made a long drive to Houston. 

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