I never thought I could be a missionary or go on mission trips. Growing up the word missionary meant having to leave my family and friends and go to a foreign country and proclaim the gospel, which honestly is a very scary thing to even think about. Yet here I am a going on my 4th year as a Bell Baptist Summer Missionary. Despite those thoughts I've been on plenty of mission trips but none of them have compared to this one. This was one of the best mission trips I've been on, not only did I learn more about myself but I was able to make connections and build relationships with many of the Youth who attended the mission trip as well. While on this mission trip I was able to see my purpose in live. I know that God created me to be a teacher and to tell others about Him, but I never really knew how. I know that sometimes the goal of being a missionary is to plant the seed. Although I never really gave a gospel message to the children, I felt that the seed was planted through my actions. There’s a song that says "And they'll know we are Christians by our love", that’s what occurred and impacted me while on this mission trip. The outings to the different faith temples allowed me to know more about other religions and how to approach people of those religions. This experience changed my opinion on the different types of faiths around me as well as refugees. I learned that they need and want to be shown love and care just like any other person.