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Today, you helped feed the hungry! by Butch Green

Upon our arrival with the groceries you could see the smiles get bigger and bigger on the children’s faces. True, sincere thanks were expressed by all, but especially by the mother. I explained to her that this was a blessing from God provided by people from various churches. As I was leaving, I prayed with the family and then left another gift card for next month. 

Eleven Months After Harvey by Butch Green

Text from Harvey victim after a team worked on their home: For the first time in my marriage I heard my husband pray today in our prayer circle this afternoon. Thank you for sharing God’s love. I’ve been praying for him for many years. I think until now he has felt God’s grace and love. 

God's Hand at Work: My Houston Mission Trip Experience by Lindsey Bennett

 I think our entire missions team was amazed at how thankful the refugees were for us coming to their homes and what little it seems that we did to help. I do not think any of us were expecting to find such a catastrophic area right outside the large city of Houston. It was inspiring to me that I was able to help in neighboring areas and that saving the world does not have to be a large event such as something in a super hero movie, but can be as simple as walking out your front door and helping your neighbor bring in their groceries or taking the time to talk to that homeless man outside of the supermarket and listen to his story. 

Tennis Shoes and Nail Salons by Butch Green

When is the last time you bought tennis shoes? We don’t think anything about going into a store, looking at shoes, trying them on and then choosing to buy some. When is the last time you had your nails done? You go in tell them what you want done, you pick out a color or style and they do it (or at least that is what Nell, my wife, tells me). These are normal everyday occurrences for most of us. Would you ever think of human trafficking while doing these things? Probably not.

Tallowood Baptist Church: Serve the city by Diana Clanton

Every year Tallowood Baptist Church has a day where service projects are conducted around the city. This year the International Friends Sunday School Class put together Children’s Goody Bags for the Interfaith Ministries of Greater Houston – a refugee resettlement agency. Butch Green, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Missionary to Houston, was our Serve the City contact and helped guide the project. 


As you, our new president and elected officials discuss and decide the fates of these people, I wonder how many refugees you personally know. Probably very few if any at all! So Mr. President let me introduce you to some of my refugee friends.