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A Sewing Machine is More Important by Nell Green

He wanted me to know that he was ready to build his business!  He was already telling everyone he met in the apartment complex, at church, and other places that he wanted to sew and do alterations for them. "A sewing machine is more important than a car. God has blessed me."  

All I Wish I had Known About Business with a Purpose Part 5 by Nell Green

What if we fail? Dr. Keith Parks of the International Mission Board and later the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship told us many times, “If you haven’t failed, you haven’t tried.” 

All I Wish I had Known About Business with a Purpose Part 4 by Nell Green

We are so very grateful to those who rallied around us during difficult times to help us persevere. Oswald Chambers states, “Tenacity is more than endurance; it is endurance combined with the absolute certainty that what we are looking for is going to transpire.” So hang in there!

All I Wish I had Known About Business wth a Purpose Part 3 by Nell Green

I just love our designs. I love our fabrics. It is hard to resist buying every single piece. You can’t sell what you don’t love. And you can’t sell what you don’t believe in. I believe in the quality of our work and the mission as well as the beauty and style.

All I Wish I had Known About Business with a Purpose Part 2 By Nell Green

Networking comes natural to me. I have been doing it for more than thirty years in my role as a minister. I learned long ago you do better if you join others and if you open your door to them.

All I Wish I had Known About Business with a Purpose Part 1 of 5 by Nell Green

FYI as you read: Threads by Nomad is our company. My daughter is my partner. Her name is Christen, but she has been Sissi to the family her entire life. So while this is about Business with a Purpose there is a lot of personal thrown in. After all, business is personal. This blog post has been floating around in my brain since the beginning of Threads by Nomad. I was freaked out scared when we started. Ministers/missionaries are not business people. Or at least I was not! I have changed in so many ways as a minister as a result of Threads by Nomad. I can’t even begin the list the things I have had to learn. I am very grateful to many people who have helped in that process. There is one group in particular that has stirred me to go ahead and put this on paper. I meet with Women Helping Women 2 Network fairly regularly. We talk about goals and we talk about how we can help each other in our businesses. Many of them like me, really did not know much about business or what they were getting themselves into ...

Mary was a Teenager: a post Christmas reflection by Nell Green

The wrapping paper has made it’s way to the recycle bin and the toys are no longer new. Many of us have returned to our normal routine. Yet I find myself reflecting on something that came up numerous times this holiday season.

Can we do less? by Roy A. Jones II

Willingness and flexibility. That's all it took to be a volunteer Mud-out Missionary to help the flood victims of Hurricane Harvey in Houston Sept. 18-22. The five of us who went on the first of several planned trips led by John Moore didn't do what we went expecting to do, but we received much more than we gave.

Media Mention: It's Time to Understand the Islamic Veil by Christen Kinard

Mom (Nell Green) recently contributed to a piece in Sojourners magazine on the Muslim veil and how to understand it. Her contribution to the article was part of the launch of Mirror on the Veil, a book that includes a collection of personal essays on the hijab and on veiling, one of which is Mom's. 

#Thisiswhatrecoverlookslike #everydayalittlebetter Part 3

I choose to be the best I can be today, physically and spiritually. I do not know what the end of this journey will look like, but I know I will not be the same. For that I am profoundly grateful. 

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