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Five Myths About Refugees by Nell Green

We set out with few requirements. Speaking English was not a requirement, though we knew it would require patience. Minimum education was not a requirement, as long as they had the necessary skills. There would be no consideration of ethnicity or religion, even though we knew it would mean mixing various groups in a small studio that normally would have no affiliation with each other. Our only requirement is that they had come to the United States as refugees. That decision has begged questions from many corners. Let me put out there five myths about refugees to which I can personally testify.

Houston 2016: A Reality Check in an Age of Uncertainty by Caleb Mynatt

Going into the mission trip to Houston, there were many things to take into account. We had never gone on this trip before, never met these people before, had no idea what their interests were, we didn’t know how many people would show up and above all, we were working with “refugees.” As anyone who watches the news should know, refugees are a hot topic today in current politics and news. We were working with people that were in the limelight of American politics right now, whether they be in it for good or bad reasons. This alone was a lot to take in and can be very intimidating for some people. Nonetheless, I remained anxious to meet these people and after many talks with our group and lessons from Butch and Nell Green, we as a mission group felt prepared to take on anything that came our way. 

Building Relationships by Carol Shattuck

A few weeks ago I joined my friends from South Main Baptist Church to go deliver food baskets to refugees. Butch and Nell Green, CBF Field Personnel in partnership with Interfaith Ministries, led the endeavor. It was pivotal moment for me as I met and began to get to know a refugee family from Iraq.  

They don't want to leave! by Butch Green CBF Field Personnel

I recently went to deliver a food basket to a new Iranian family. As I got to the door I noticed that a copy of John 11:25 was taped to the door. I entered, introduced myself and gave them the basket. I had barely taken off my shoes at the door, when the wife said something to her husband in Farsi. He stated that this is truly a blessing and his wife would like to pray. They had me hold their hands around this small basket of food as she began pouring her heart out to God in her native language for the next ten minutes.

A Ministry of Availability by Steve Clark and Annette Ellard

Over the past nine years, we have understood ours as a ministry of availability. 

CBF Blog and Syrian Refugees

In 1997 the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship put together a team of field personnel who would serve among Diaspora. 

I am an immigrant by Nora Lozano

I arrived in United States on a day like today, 28 years ago, with a student visa, one suitcase, $200 and many dreams. 

Welcome Home! by Amanda Atkinon

A member of Greystone Baptist Church joins others in welcoming a refugee family.