Volunteer Opportunities


Members of the Internationals Cluster serving both in the US and abroad have a myriad of opportunities for others to serve short term. Prayer teams, working with refugees, helping to host events, learning about other cultures and faiths are just some examples. If you are interested in putting together a team and would like to know more about the possibilities please contact nell@cbfinternationals.org.

Bosnian Immigrants ministry: In partnership with Kirkwood Baptist Church, CBF Field Personnel Mira and Sasha Zivanov work to provide food pantries, computer classes, and ESL training to immigrants from Bosnia, Slovenia, and Croatia in the St Louis area. Contact Chris Boltin if you are interested in partnering with this ministry at cboltin@thefellowship.info.


Houston: Join Butch and Nell Green in Houston for a world religions experience. visit mosques and temples and engage with Internationals from around the world. Learn what trafficking looks like in this major city and hear from refugees.


Houston and Antwerp Belgium: Prayer and visioning teams are requested. Engage with refugees and the people who are working with them. As you experience what God is doing, learn what you can take and reproduce or birth in your community.  


Travel the Refugee Highway: Join Butch and Nell Green as you travel the places a refugee might travel. Connect with refugee work in the US, in Europe and North Africa. 


Refugee Ministry Dallas-Fort Worth area: Refugees are coming in large numbers to the U.S.  Over 3,400 will be resettled in the DFW area this year.  Most of them have spent years in a refugee camps and are seeking a better life for their families.  They face overwhelming obstacles as they seek to acclimate to life in America, learn English, find jobs and navigate everyday living in a culture very foreign to them. Due to limited funding the services to help them resettle are inadequate.  We as Christian can reach out to them with the love of Christ and provide opportunities which help them to:

  •   Learn English - ESL classes for all ages
  •   Special Events for children and youth - sports camp, music camp, day camps, outings to events and places in the local area
  •   Teach how to navigate our Healthcare system and basic health literacy - teach basic healthcare practices,  how do you know when to go the doctor
  •    Hold Dental and Medical clinics
  •    Teach Employment skills - how to fill out an application, interview, responsible work habits and ethics
  •    Help teach how to drive and take the test for a drivers license
  •    Prayerwalk the apartment complexes and neighborhoods where refugees live

The opportunities are unlimited and as creative as the individual and group would like to be.  God can use you with the gifts and passions He has given you in refugee ministry.

Contact - Karen Morrow
817 964 2052

All ministries must be self-funded.  Individuals or groups are responsible for their own housing and food.


Immigrant/Refugee Ministry in the Bay area: CBF Field Personnel Lita and Rick Sample serve among international refugees, immigrants and international students in the San Francisco Bay area. Teams are needed to assist this family as they minister and advocate on behalf of victims of human trafficking. Outreach activities like holiday celebrations, carnivals, children’s crafts and game activities as well as distribution projects within the community. Contact Rick and Lita at rsample@cbf.net for more information.



For additional volunteer opportunities with CBF, please click here.